Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chapter 3 for your Final Year Project

Basically Chapter 3 is Proposed Design Methodology/Framework (How are you gonna do the system/project)

You can come up with the general design first.Then explain part by part

For example Query Generator

3.4 Query Generation

In generating the query, there are a few steps that need to be taken.

The first step is tagging the question sentence. The tagged sentence is then checked
against the grammar that was created out of all the questions anticipated from the user to
check whether the questions is valid or not. If it is not a valid question, then an error
message will be displayed. In this system the QTAG tagger is used.

The semantic interpreter subsequently transforms the parse to the intermediate logic
query, using semantic rules similar to the mapping rules described in the pattern
matching architecture.

The logical query is then converted into SQL by a database generator. In this system, I
will use pattern matching techniques where a pattern is mapped to an SQL.

Question = How many components are there
Tagged Output = "WRB PDT NNS BER EX "
Mapped SQL = SELECT * FROM components;

For more flexibility, we can use extracting substring method, where X is the variable
Question: How many X are there
Mapped SQL = Select * FROM X;

In JAVA, we can use the substring method to retrieve the variable as we count the
position of the variable.
Question: How many components are there?
Question: How many objectives are there?

Mapped SQL = Select * FROM Question.substring (10, y);

Then maybe you can discuss about the database design, ie. fields, relationships

Hope this helps

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