Friday, January 16, 2009

Top 10 irritants

It seems that Oxford has done some research and come up with a Top 10 irritants word. The list goes as

The top 10 most irritating phrases:

1) At the end of the day
2) Fairly unique
3) I personally
4) At this moment in time
5) With all due respect
6) Absolutely
7) It’s a nightmare
8) Shouldn’t of
9) 24/7
10) It’s not rocket science

Hmm, I think I also have one of those lists

1) This software is so good and damn powerful (until it blocks all other software and thus is useless)
2) "Sir, how do we install the Java software?" 1 week after failing the second test =.=
3) You should upgrade your software (just for the sake of upgrading, then the PC hang).
4) We should simplify the process (and come out of tons of form to fill in to simplify the process).
5) Quality Documentation == Quality Teaching
6) Why are we doing this? Its the procedure (which no one can actually explain the rationale behind).
7) "Sir, can I ask you a question?" at 11.59 pm via Messenger.
8) Hmm, we should give a talk on the students so they are more independent, by the way, its compulsory for them to attend =.=
9) "Why won't you buy our product, its so good" (Why would I buy it, I don't need it)
10) "Do you want to have financial independent?" followed by me locking an STF on them...


Anonymous said...

It is amusing to see the kind of nonsense you get from your 'disciples' and folks at work. However, at the end of the day, your problem is no where near being fairly unique. I personally have come across many similar nonsensical craps from my students, past and present. At this moment in time, the best thing I can say about this present bunch is, at least they generally left me alone outside the class. I mean, with all due respect to their parents who procreated them, they turn the classrooms into zoos. :-) Absolutely nothing can hold their attention for longer then 10 minutes to hammer into their heads the things they need to learn! It’s a nightmare! I know I shouldn’t of bad-mouth anyone like this, but, if we don't somehow manage to spoon-feed something useful to them now, come project time, they will start to bug you 24/7! I mean, how hard can microprocessor and control systems be It’s not rocket science! Why can't they get it no matter how I try?


There. All ten irritating phrases in one go. :-D

xynthian said...

To annonymous: That's fucking good! Nice one!

I think I use alot of:

I personally and at the end of the day. 2/10 Not that bad. :)

Elaine said...

lol on the second one xD