Friday, July 22, 2011

Life after Inti

It has been two days since I left Inti, but I still have some last attachment to it, simply because I am still marking the last exam paper. When that's done, then its really over. I am planning to return the exam papers and every Inti assets on Monday, then I will have no more responsibility to them.

What did I do these past few days, actually I had lunch with my students. Cause soon I would really disappear and they can only see me on certain days after I start my new job. I have been in the new building since 2008, but after I left only have the chance to go to the parking down the hill..ha ha.

I am in the middle of creating a programming blog, so keep an eye out for that announcement. Coming soon.

The Euro Fun Park is coming back to Queensbay, I passed by tonight, but its not open yet. I remember last year, my students went there to take pictures, which was cool.
Since I am free now, been practicing a new character in Tekken, Bryan, anyone wanna spar with me? ha ha.
All the exams are over, so have a nice holiday.

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