Saturday, July 9, 2011

Meanwhile, my day in Penang

There is no Bersih rally in Penang, so things are literally a bit quiet, except for the freaking haze. Just saw a few police on motorcycles at certain locations with no roadblock at all.

Today, I went looking for a new shirt for an event tomorrow. Who knew it will take me the whole day just to get one.

First attempt, Sub, its nice, but only in black or white, plus I feel its a bit plasticky material. Not that I am saying bad things about Sub, least you are a fan..
 Maybe I'll get it another time..ha ha

Then I ate some A&W coney, chicken rice, played Razing Storm and Tekken at the arcade and still cannot make up my mind.

While I was at Padini, I met one of my good friends, and she was considering to buy a shirt, so it gave me strength and motivation to complete my mission.

So back to Parkson, why not buy at Padini you ask? Actually I prefer shop with salesgirl to help you and not do it yourself, more of try it yourself shop. There, I decided to get a Seed shirt.
I love Parkson's huge fitting room, it even has a coffee
Finally bought one..

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