Sunday, March 7, 2010

Vandread Love Quest

Another dating simulation game. For those that never play this kind of game, you have to know girls, then they will tell you random facts about themselves and expect you to remember. When the relationship level is higher you can give them gifts and ask them for a date. Just like real life ha ha.

First you have to set the stats, either set it yourself or answer a set of questions and the game will set it for you.

Manual settings
I was curious and decided to try the quiz to see what happens..

WTF. Even a stupid game says I'm emo =.=

So I highly recommend manual settings.

Oh ya, your adventure is in a spaceship searching for earth ala Battlestar Galactica, and once a while you have to battle attacking enemies.

Just be nice to the girls. Usually these kind of games takes very long to play so there is a Save and Load button.

Update - Be careful in flight simulation, especially when using left key to rotate the plane, if your focus is on the browser, it will be the same as clicking the back button of the browser, which happened to me just now, and I lost the whole game (forget to save before) =.=

Info on the 4 girls - up to the time I lost the game
1. Dita
-hip 35
-waist 23
-bust 34D
-last name Liebley
-likes to kick crotch when fighting =.=
-likes smart alien and skipping rocks

2. Jura
- hip 37
- likes antique weapons
- likes rare steak
- weight 127 lbs
- 5.9 tall
- likes romance movies
- full name Jura Basil Elden

3. Barnette
- last name Orangello
- waist 23
- likes a well balanced guy
- wants some copper cookware

4. Meia
- likes fish


Keith said...

Barnette Orangello:
Green, Food, Guns, Antiques, Mejule, Earth, nirvana, Cookware, Wine, Action Movies, 5'4", Waist 23", 108 lbs,
Meia Gisborne:
Blue, Hips 32, 34c, Waist 33, 5'6", target practive, gymnastics, Earth, Tarak, Mejale, Nirvana, Belly Punches, Books, Drama Movies,
Jura Basil Elden:
Yellow, Waist 26", 5'9", 127 lbs, hips 37", 40E, Antiques, old weapons, powerful men, Combat, sexy, fashion
red, 5'8", smart men, cute, stuffed animals, skipping rocks,

That's all I know.

Chris said...

hi my name is chris and i just found a code that let me only need to talk to each girl in one malt-choose chat and gave 500000 money also after the first chat to each girl they are naked the password is Vortex00IsBackAtIt and has to be put in as i just wrote. also anther thing that work some how was after any space fight even practice i right clicked and hit forward twice as the old lady was talking, after that just put in the numbers you want but for the relation points it only be about 100000 ship and only 100 per stat but you can start from day one like that and you can us both tricks at once!!

Anonymous said...

The first time I played I could not get all 4 girls on level 4 but I found a way of increasing relationships quickly. After reaching level 3 with either Jura(blonde) Meia(blue) or Dita(red)enter the flight simulator and combine with the blue, white or red space ships if you win their is a hot scene afterwards. this way you can reach level 4 quicker as well as increase your speed skill.

Anonymous said...

Put the Password in the space provided for Password, when you enter the password a naked chick will dance at the screen.

Anonymous said...

where o put in the password?

Lee Montgomery said...

every version of the game I try I the submit pasword button doesn't work