Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shopping Day

I used to be a shopaholic, I can buy 2 pairs of shoes in two days. But now I am a more careful shopper. All the salesguy and salesgirl that knows me will testify that I will look at the product for like 2 weeks before buying it..ha ha. But I guess they don't mind cause in the end I will definitely buy their product.

One thing about guys like me, if I want something, there is no distracting me from it. So the technique of distracting will not work. For example, if a shirt is 299, the logic will say, get two of the cheaper ones. But if you try that with me, I will end up with 2 cheap shirts and the original shirt that I want. But I am really careful before buying.

Trouble looms when one of my shirt is torn and most of my pants color started to fade. So time to buy new shirt and pants. And maybe I can use it for some "special" event soon.

Shirt, one of my favorite brand is Raoul, but its super damn expensive. Even the salesguy there is waiting for one of the shirts to be his..ha ha. I think they give the staff a new shirt once a while, maybe I should apply part time job there..hmmm

Another more reasonable brand is Saville Row, so there, recommend you two brands. Charles Jourdan?? bah..I bought one and all the buttons fell off within a month, of course I can sew it back, but that is not the issue.

Today bought a new Raoul shirt..nice or not?

And bought one Dockers pants..

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Dumbo, the Sojourning Elephant said...

Nice shirt. But perhaps not exactly your color... A little too much the opposite of bad ass, if you know what I mean... :-p