Friday, March 5, 2010

Musings on a Friday evening

How much do you trust computers? This is an interesting question. Today I had my dinner at Sakae sushi, well known for its computerized ordering system. I ordered ramen mee and a plate of salmon sashimi through the system. The noodle arrived on time but my salmon got delayed.

I checked my order and WTF, suddenly there was an extra order which I did not make. Of all the things, the order was 10 plates of scallops which is like rm60. Called the waitress and sorted out the mess. So next time, make sure to check the system again after you ordered. Who knows maybe the system ordered 100 plates of abalone for you? If they insist that I was the one that made the order, I would sure raise hell and ask which IP was the order made from and the timestamp of the order.

This weekend, there will be a padini bin sales. But I don't wear padini, plus too many people buying.

I was however looking at a Raoul shirt. But its pure silk and costs 1K over =.=

Hope you all have a nice weekend. Wanna see Solomon Kane this weekend. The review from Rotten Tomatoes sounds good.

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Yee Wei said...

solomon kane is not bad sir,i watched d..LOL..quite good..