Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Zombie Plan part 1

There are lots of books that details survival plans when the world is overrun by zombies. This blog is just my rough idea and I did not copy from any books or website..ha ha

Vehicle: -
If you see Zombieland, they choose a Hummer as an escape vehicle. Me, I would choose a minibus.

A minibus has enough place for people, your guns plus food and water storage. And its tough enough to run over a horde of zombies. Now you just need to add some barricade for the windows so the zombies cannot break the glass windows.

Weapons: -
In the chaos of it all, I am sure you can find some guns from dead soldiers or something. If you are lucky, you will find an AK-47, the best rifle in the world.

Or the American M-14 will do, its not a bad rifle.

If you are civilian and cannot find military rifles, there are good bets. Henry rifles

Or the Remington rifle.

or if you really cannot find guns, these are the best alternative.

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Anonymous said...

Do you own that parang? Looks cool...