Friday, January 21, 2011

Oppai here, oppai there, oppai everywhere

More oppai than For those uninitiated with the Japanese language, oppai stands for breasts. The Japanese seems obsessed with oppai, first we have Big Tits Zombie, now we have Oppai Chanbara. And one time I got an Akihabata Oppai Pudding, but that is another

Note: A special thanks for Kelvin's friend who downloaded the movie for me. Just tell me if you want your name mentioned here.

It starts with the art of Sayama Hashinryu, the art of harming people.

 Lili, on her 20th birthday is about the become the next successor of the school of Sayama Hashinryu.
I think she is a bit too "over legal" to be 20..ha ha. They should get Yuko Ogura, that will be more realistic, plus making one blogger very happy, even though her oppai is not that big :)

She gets a box which contains a dress, not to be opened unless its an extreme emergency.
A blindfold and a sip of green tea later...
She finds herself naked and back in the past. Damn, I need to get me some of that tea.
She opens the box and found the dress.
Meanwhile a pregnant girl is being chased by some ninja.
Only to be saved by Lili
In the fighting, her oppai got exposed.
And suddenly her aura increased and she defeated all the ninja.
Aura from oppai, now that's a new

She befriended the pregnant girl and her brother Hikoichi, and learned that the ninja were asking protection money from the villagers.

The next day, the leader of the ninja came to the village and warned them, 1 person will die per day if the money was not paid.

That night, while the villagers were having a meeting, they captured a spy belonging to the ninja group.

The next day, they tried to trade the spy.
End of negotiation

There's going to be fighting
It was revealed the leader of the ninja had the same aura, only its stronger.
The fight was only stopped when Hikoichi stepped between them.
The leader of the ninja gave them an ultimatum.
She decided to leave the village and challenge the ninja group by herself.
With the help of Hikoichi, she managed to defeat this guy.

Its time to fight Okinu.

Get ready for some oppai craziness
Okinu blocks Lili's thrust.

Lili loses her sword, remember the movie when a ninja catches a sword with his bare hands? Lili catches the sword with her bare

But Okinu also can do that with a slight variant.

A sword gets tossed in the air, and Lili catches it (again with her oppai)

Finally Okinu was defeated.

Time wrap back to her own time.

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