Saturday, January 29, 2011

I am the mayor of Queensbay

If I ever played Foursquare on Facebook, I think no one can beat me as the mayor of I was there from 11.30 am until 9.30 pm today. I was supposed to buy my Chinese New Year shirt but at the end of the day, still no shirt..damn. Tomorrow I really need to be serious and buy one.

I watched the movie "Shaolin" today and actually I liked it. It's not your average kung fu movie, but it runs for like two hours. A long movie. Actually I wanted to watch "The Green Hornet" but was turned off by the 3D only movie. Why did they have to make it compulsory 3D?. When I read the newspaper today, there was a review on the movie, and the movie reviewer was quite critical about it. Even though I am also a movie reviewer, I think only the person watching can judge whether its nice or not. God knows someone rated "The English Patient" very high, but the movie really tested my patience.

In the evening, there was an "Oriental Queen" competition and since I was already there, might as well take a few shots.
I think only certain people can do that, if I stood on the drum, I am very sure something will break..ha ha.

 The competitors, and no, that's not Vincent acting as a judge there.

They introduced themselves one by one. Some speak Mandarin and some speak English. I think one girl really cannot speak English and just memorised the words, cause she said good afternoon and its freaking 7.30 pm in the

Then the talent show.
Jai Ho..
Why must all do belly dance? You don't have other skills??

Fire dancer.
She did have trouble putting out the fire until I was kind of worried and started to look for the fire extinguisher.

Since the next one was dressed normally, I decided to go look for my ex students who were having dinner at the ground floor.

They did take an arial shot of the event, see if you all can detect where I was.

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