Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mutant Girls Squad

Tonight I have a special bonus for you all, a review of "Mutant Girls Squad". I have not seen a movie this interesting for a long time, and there are so many wtf moments that I cannot stop laughing.
Just consider it "X-men with blood, blood, blood". And there are tons of blood in this movie, so if you cannot stand blood, don't watch this movie.

Rin is a normal girl, who one her 16th birthday suffer pain in her hand.
Her parents assured her it was nothing but then they had a worried look on their face.
She was pushed down a stair by one of her classmates. When she came to she was caught by one of the nurses that contact the military but she managed to escape.
See the hand.

Later she was celebrating her birthday with her parents when they revealed that they are not really human.

The celebration was cut short when they were attacked by the police with weird nose gun..
Head shot

Her hand mutated,a bit like Wolverine's claw.
She defeated all the attackers and escaped.

More town people were chasing here which lead to some pretty funny scenes.
The diced rotating head.

Deflected knife on head (collateral damage)

 Sliced head again.

Power Rangers husband and wife.

Someone got the drop on her but she was saved by other mutants

Prof X school of the gifted...not
He's more of a Magneto.

Some of the mutants abilities will make you laugh and make their US counterpart look like sissies.

Whoa, breast katana.

Plus some other mutants.
This is a very powerful mutant.


They did some training to prepare for battle.
 I'll be very concerned if I have to train in front of her. How do you say it, er, excuse me but your breast (swords) are poking my back?


Once she loved a human but he was killed by other humans that feared her.

Their leader is bent on destroying all humans.

The first mission is to kill a General.


Her powers are being like an octopus..lol

Two lol moments

They managed to kill the general, then the leader ask Rin to kill all the other humans which she does not.

Finally Rei killed them all.

Rin dreamt of her parents asking her to do the right thing.

The other mutants have started a terror attack (suicide bombing).

So Rin, aided by Yoshie tried to stop the madness.
Yoshie fights with most of the mutants while Rin tries to talk some sense into Rei.

Finally Yoshie manage to beat all the mutants

Only to come face to face with a powerful mutant.

Finally Rin has managed to persuade Rei to stop fighting.
The leader has mutated into something more powerful with the idol that he worshiped.

Why do they always have tengu milk???? =.=

Yoshie has beaten the super mutant
And uses the super mutant like a rocket..lol

The final battle.
Overall, a very fun movie to watch.

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