Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Today is a mixed day..

I thought I can renew my insurance for my bike today, but when I checked the envelope, my previous insurance policy was missing. Oh no, so I cannot renew my insurance today, and since tomorrow is a holiday, I can only renew it on Friday.

Did I find my insurance policy, of course I did, I tore the house upside down to look for it after work, and finally found it. Next year, I am going to put in  at the same place as my bike registration.

My bike is like 16 years old, and it seems every year, the insurance is getting higher and higher. Beats me why. But I have to be realistic and one of these days I have to replace my bike for sure, but until that time, I'll still use it. 

I googled the bike company in Malaysia, but it seems they don't really have any model that interests me. But looking at the Japanese website, I see a few bike that I would love to have here.

Suzuki bike with retro look.

Honda bike with retro look.

Honda FTR

And the bike everyone my age used when we learning how to ride, Honda Cub.

I would to ride any one of these bikes.

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