Saturday, January 15, 2011

Assault Girls

I owe people this review from two weeks ago, in fact, I am still pending in my "One-Armed Swordsman" and "Ultraviolet" review, but I'll get to that when I have more free time.

A movie with style but no substance, that is an apt definition of this movie, beautiful graphics but not much of a story to tell.

It starts the movie by giving a 5 minutes explanation on what is reality.

The explain the game in the story that uses virtual reality.

The game, in this game the players get to hunt giant worms for points to level up and repair their weapons and transport. When you get killed, you can reload the game.
The worms looked like the worms from Dune.

Sometimes, the worm

"Assault Girls" - 3 players in the game.
There is a reason why she is called Lucifer.

Save game.

The game says its impossible for her to finish the stage alone and recommended her to form a party with 3 other players of the same level.
How much do you have to pay to get the game account number of 666? Lucifer

The storyline is not that great, but the imagery is wonderful.

So they joined forces to defeat the boss worm.

To me, its an OK only movie.

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