Saturday, January 22, 2011

My off day

Today was my off day and since I did double movie review yesterday, its time to take a break.

I was supposed to go to Gurney this morning, but my knife was supposed to arrive from KL. Then I got a call, my transporter cannot make it cause his car is still in the mechanic shop. Since its kind of late already, I decided to go to Queensbay instead.

Today nothing to report, just walk around and see stuff.

On a lighter note, I have been practicing Tekken 6, I have tried a few characters like Lei( his control too complicated), Bruce and Alisa, but non of them seems suitable for me. Today I tried the character King, and this is the furthest I have gone in this game. I must practice more to master the game.

Portuguese Egg Tarts. One of my friends love these, and when I saw it first, I had the impression that it was spicy. I was curious and bought some today, and to my surprise, it was actually sweet..ha ha.

Tomorrow hopefully I can go to Gurney to buy some new clothes for Chinese New Year..

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SteveYEAH said...

That was the funniest post I've ever read!!! Dude, are you a stand-up comedian??! If not...YOU SHOULD BE!!! Portugese Egg Tarts made me lose my bowels from the grand vibrations from the uncontrollable laughter!