Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rear Naked Choke

Its has nothing to do with choking someone while naked ok.

The rear naked choke is a submission hold used in mixed martial arts that cuts off the flow of blood to the brain. If applied correctly, it will force the opponent to submit. If they do not submit, they will pass out within a matter of seconds.

The name “Rear Naked Choke” most likely comes from the name used in Judo for the technique, “Hadakajime” or in English “Naked Strangle”. It is called that in Judo because the choke does not make use of the uniform (gi), as other chokes do.

 Why am I suddenly talking about this. The reason is if you have the chance to see a Japanese movie called "Kamui Gaiden", you will see this scene, where a ninja is applying the hold ON A

Now I really want to get the movie and make a review. Maybe when I am a bit free.

Another version of the rear naked choke..ahem.

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