Sunday, January 30, 2011

A few days before Chinese New Year

Off to Gurney today to get a shirt for myself. Early morning had breakfast at Coffee Beans first, I do love their scrambled eggs, and memories of a time long ago.

One last shot of the decoration in front of Gurney Plaza before Chinese New Year is over.

Early morning practice Tekken 6 first. Getting better now, using King, I can reach Stage 6 before losing to Jen Kazama, and I beat one guy challenging me using Its easier to practice at Gurney since not many people play Tekken here.

Off to my shirt search, went to Topman, but it seems most of their shirt are sized S and XS. Those are for babies I guess, so have no choice but to go to Esprit.

In conjunction with Chinese New Year, there is a Chinese acrobatic show, imported directly from China, and today was their last show. Lucky me.
Very interesting, but they are going back to China tomorrow.

So in the end did I get my shirt, of course I did, I have been meaning to get one since last month cause I was running out of shirts. Its either my blue stripe shirt, or my purple shirt, or my check shirt, all from Esprit. So now, I got another shirt from Esprit.

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