Monday, January 31, 2011

I spit on your grave version 2010

First of all, this is a remake of the cult movie. That means that this movie is not for everybody, and only certain group of people will appreciate it.

The original "I spit on your grave" review can be found here.

Tribute to the original director Mier Zarchi.
The starting screen is the same as the original.

Actually the story is the same as the original. Jennifer is a writer who rents a lodge to write and attracts the attention of some local rednecks.

Here is a bit of a difference from the original movie. Near her cabin, she found a tool shed with a lot of things that will be used later.

Someone is stalking and taking hidden video of her.

Matthew, the village idiot, now known as "mentally challenged" for the politically correct, is not a delivery boy as the in the original movie, but a plumber.
His friends

In the original movie, Jennifer was attacked while on a boat, but this movie, they broke into the cabin.
Here is another difference, she managed to escape into the woods and ran into the sheriff who was hunting.

The sheriff went back to the cabin to investigate.
Then it was revealed the sheriff is in the same gang as them.

The good or bad news here, depending on your opinion is she does not walk around naked in the bush for 30 minutes like the original movie.

I hate the guy playing the harmonica, even in the original movie, its just that damn annoying.

In the original movie, she made it back to the cabin and Matthew was supposed to kill her but he chickened out. In this movie, she was near the bridge when the sheriff wanted to shoot her, so she jumped off the bridge.

They search for the body but cannot find her. Then then destroyed all the evidence.

A month later, Jennifer is back for revenge. The first was Matthew who was remorseful but got strangled for his part anyway.

The next two were walking together when they thought they saw a glimpse of someone and split up. Yeah, like that ever worked. I guess they never seen any horror movie, its not a good idea to split up, guard your friends back to back.

One saw her and rushed towards her, only to step on a bear trap.
Where the heck did the trap come from? Remember our tool shed?
He screamed for help and his friend rushed to him.
Double KO.

I guess Jennifer is a fan of the Saw series cause the traps that she prepared is super cool. One gets suspended over a bathtub full of water and he has to keep his head over the water with his body strength. Later she adds some lye to make the water acidic (or alkaline, my chemistry sucks) and when the person cannot hold on anymore, toast one rapist.

The other had his eyes hooked open with fish hooks, then fish is smeared all over his face. Crow food.
 Forget to tell you, if you are squeamish and afraid of gore, don't watch this movie.

The next. one saw a sexy lady filling petrol only to be knocked out by Jennifer.

Since he is the leader, he will suffer most.
This reminds me of the "Saw" series.
I sure as hell don't want to get a massage from her.
Tooth extraction.

Ok, another part not for the squeamish.
The last one is the sheriff , he got a call from his daughter, and Jennifer was there , pretending to be a school teacher.
He rushed back but found that Jennifer has taken his daughter to the park, he rushed to the park to search for them but cannot find them. He went back into his car only to be knocked out. I guess he never watched "Let Me In". Always check your back seat.
 This trap is also kind of cool, but you don't want to wake up like him.
She tied a rope to the trigger of the shotgun and tied the other end to Matthew who was not dead yet. If Matthew did not move his hand both will live.
All that she has to do now is wait.
As predicted, Matthew panicked and moved his hand, with the blast killing them both.
Recommended to gore fans and cult movie fans. Don't say I did not warn you.

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