Friday, October 15, 2010

I spit on your grave.

Tonight, I want to make a review of this movie, which is banned in 21 countries. Its not a fun movie to watch, but since it has cult status, I decided to make a review of it. Its one of those movie that every movie fans have heard about but just a few people have actually seen. Just like Salo and Cannibal Holocaust.

For your information, this movie has no soundtrack at all from start to end.

The story is fairly simple, a novelist decided to stay in a village to finish her next novel.

She attracted the attention of the village idiot and a few of his friends.

Does this guy look like a pervert to you?

One day while she was sunbathing, she was attacked by these men.

Note - If you are thinking that you wanted to watch this movie for its sex scenes, my advice, get some porn.

They were supposed to kill her but the village idiot chickened out (never send an amateur to do a pro's work)

She recovered from the attack and its time for revenge. I think this movie is the start of countless "Rape and Revenge" movies after that.

The first to die is the village idiot. She managed to trick and hang him.

The second was tricked in the bathtub and got the Bobbitt treatment. Brrr, give me the chills.

One got an axe to the back.

The last, well, I'll say, don't get too close to the boat's engine.

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