Sunday, October 10, 2010

101010 - Day of the pussies

Today I decided to go around for a walk. Actually yesterday also I go out, but yesterday was a private matter, so will not tell you about it. :P

At Gurney, they have a cat show. Lucky someone was not there cause she is terrified of cats, but to me, cats are very cute. I love

Cute cat right?

This Bengal cat costs more than RM1000. wow =.=

Unfortunately I had other business to attend to so I cannot hang around for too long there.

After I settled my business, I went to BJ complex cause I know there was a "Ratu Kebaya" competition. Actually today was just the registration and warm up. The real competition is next week. But judging by the looks of some of the contestants, I will not miss the competition on 16 and 17 october.

Good response from the audience cause she has a nice body, read that as nice rack =.=. But everyone have their own taste and standard.

There's always one in every fashion

Actually during the practice today, 2 person almost fell on stage (they were wearing high heels) and one had a wardrobe malfunction, but my camera was not fast enough to catch it..curses.

So if you are interested, go to BJ complex next Saturday and Sunday at 8.30 pm to see the real deal.

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