Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Spider Babe

Actually today my mood is not so good, it rained heavily in the morning, I have tons of assignments to mark and my friend is still in a coma. I have made screen capture of "I spit on your grave", but my mood is bad enough, writing a review of that "notorious and banned in 21 countries" movie will make my mood even worse. So something light for tonight.

This is a review of a movie called Spider Babe, a parody of Spider-man, so don't take it seriously.

Misty Mundae, famous for a lot of softcore movie and her breasts, and I am not talking about the size. You have to see it for Patrica Porker aka "Peter Parker". But actually she can act in serious movies also, and she is moving towards that now..booo.

This guy should be "Uncle Ben".

Umm, this is "Aunt May"

Note - Sorry for the subtitle, this is from an old vcd that I had long ago, so I can't remove the subs

This girl is her good friend so it should be "Harry Osborne".

This guy is her love interest so he should be "Mary Jane".

While visiting a museum, a readiactive research spider escaped and bit her, thus giving her spider like powers.

A very funny scene where the scientist is talking in scientific term, then suddenly he realised the spider was missing and was going like "motherf**ker"

Bitten by radioactive spider.

She discovered her powers while avoiding a speeding car.

Her web shooting abilities, ahem, you have to look for yourself.

She joined a wrestling competition to earn some money.

Later she let a robber escape, a robber that will kill Uncle Ben. Damn, this is like the real Spider-man story, wonder can they get sued, but then its a parody like "Vampire Sucks". Note to self, make a review of that movie.

Thus she learned "With great power come great responsibility". She starts helping the citizens but instead of web-swinging she just prances around =.=

"Daily Bugle"

"Jonah Jameson"

Meanwhile "Harry Osborne"'s sister (not father like in the original movie) is doing some experiment and ended up as the Green Goblin, not really.

Thus begin the battle between "Spider Babe" and the "Green Goblin" which ends up on top of a building when"Green Goblin" kidnapped "Mary Jane" lol

The fight ended with "Green Goblin" falling to her death.

"Spider Babe killed my sister"

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