Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween 2010

First a mental note to myself, next year Halloween, I should bring 1 minion with me. If tonight I brought a minion with me, you will see my face in these few pictures.

Curses, and I really wanted to take a picture with her. I can't be in the picture and snap myself. So next year I will bring a minion with me so solve the issue.

Today at Queensbay mall, we have a Halloween dress competition for adults, from 8 pm to 10 pm.

The two earliest contestants to register.

I told my students, the guys should wear girl's clothes for Halloween. They all laughed but this guy followed my advice (he is not my student), and got some prizes. Now who's laughing??

Competition starts

Sadako, although I don't know why the announcer kept calling her Samara. And sorry, its a guy ok. Winner of the scariest costume.

Zombie maid. Can I hire you as my maid? As long as you don't eat me, well, you can eat me in a certain

A gothic emo girl?

Suicidal Egyptian princess. Not so scary, go as a futanari scarier ha ha.

Hey, you already entered the Alice in Wonderland competition. How come you are here?

You go girl, erm I mean man. Just one question, does it hurt to wax your legs?


Kawaii, don't complain ok, each people have their own taste.

Don't know what she represent......

Seed of Chucky. Winner of the most innovative dress design.

Freddy my man..pity your blade so

What the heck is this?

Psychotic little girl who likes to rip teddy bear's head off.

Grim reaper, winner of best costume design.

Another cute girl.

Now I know where my bed sheet disappeared to.

Erm, get a costume first kid..

Act cute..

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