Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ratu Kebaya competition...semi final

I don't feel too well, but tonight is the semi final for the Ratu Kebaya competition at Bukit Jambul Complex. So I decided to go a bit earlier at 7.30pm, having learned my lesson last week. Oh no, there are even more people this week, for the semi final.

A funny thing is they were playing the Rambo theme before the competition starts. I was imagining the girls flexing their muscles and tying a headband. Weird huh?.

There were 25 girls vying for a place in the finals. I'll try my best to put all their pictures but I am scared that my picture quota will be used up soon. Then I have to start a new blog.

Overheard someone behind me asking his friend, do you like girls with nice breasts or ass?? Here is my

More contestants

They say this girl looked like Mas Idayu (who?, just kidding, I know who Mas Idayu is ok).

Mas Idayu, the dangdut singer.

Some girl acting cute. Maybe she have seen too many anime..ha ha

More contestants

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