Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ratu Kebaya competition...stage 1

OMG, its 7.45pm, which meant I overslept. I wanted to go see the Ratu Kebaya competition, round1, which starts at 8pm cause I saw the trail run last Saturday.

The Ratu Kebaya competition is held at BJ Complex, tonight and tomorrow night is the first round and next week is the semi-finals.

With the help of my trusty bike, I managed to reach BJ around 8.10, the competition has already started, and unfortunately there's a lot of people tonight.

I managed to find a spot, but in front of me were a lot of Ah Kua's (transvatives). I was wondering why they were doing looking at girls???. Amy gave me a logical explaination, they were looking at the fashion..ha ha.

Its a tight squeeze and it was kind of difficult to get a clear shot.

Finally I managed to get to the front and got these shots.

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