Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ninja Scroll

I was doing a bit of housekeeping of my DVDs and found 2 anime that I used to watch. Anime is fun to watch though some misguided minister think its evil..oooh, gives Nazi salute :P.

The first anime is Ninja Scroll, the series, not to be confused with the original Ninja Scroll, which is a great anime. The character is still the same from the movie, Jubei. There are 13 episodes in this series which revolves around a Dragon stone and the light maiden.


Jubei was handed a Dragon stone by a dying man and was told to pass it to the light maiden. The series then revolves around the stone, the light maiden and all the ninjas that are trying to get the stone.

Shigure aka the Light Maiden

Two notable episodes are episode 6, Shelter from the rain and Episode 11, Yagyu Renya.

An injured Jubei takes shelter in a house that has many travellers while being chased by an undead ninja that can switch from body to body. To make matters worse, two of the travellers, a mother and son suspects that Jubei was the killer of the husband/father.

Shigure has been captured by the enemy and Jubei gives chase on a ship. While on the ship he befriends a little girl.

Then murders start to happen on the ship, which is commited by a monster. This episode also introduce the character Yagyu Renya of the Yagyu clan.

A highly recommended anime, if you can find it.

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