Saturday, October 2, 2010

Samurai Avenger

Woo, another great movie to review. Samurai Avenger.

I have been seeing this DVD on sale for a few weeks, but I thought it was not nice. On Friday I was extremely stressed after failing to find the "big tits zombie" movie, so I did an imdb search on it. The user reviews are good, so I bought it and here we are.

Amy, help me translate this.

A criminal is coming out of prison today.

A blind samurai is on his way to the jail to wait and kill the criminal, who murdered his wife and child just for fun and blinded him.

The criminal was jailed for other crimes he committed, and the blind man took the time to learn the art of the samurai.

The criminal heard the news and hired 7 killers to stop him from reaching the prison.

Django?? No its the Samurai Avenger.

The first attempt is by the driver that he is hitching a ride with.

I think this guy is really an expert by the way he sheath the sword. And it ended badly for the killer. From the killer, the samurai was told that 7 more killers are there. If I were him, I would start counting carefully.

The #1 killer was a bar owner, if you would call it a bar.

He has minions. I also want minions. Minion, go buy some food for me, I am hungry now as I am writing this blog.

They managed to surprised the samurai, until he was aided by a mysterious drifter. Not the Initial D type ok =.=

Triple kill


The drifter decided to join the samurai on his journey.

Oh oh, killer number 2 is waiting.

Her attack is very dangerous because she can hypnotize people.

Big tits killer, not bad but you are not Sora Aoi T.T

The drifter was hypnotized and attacked the samurai. I wondered if the drifter was not there, how on earth can she hypnotized the samurai, since he is blind. hnmmm

The samurai knocked out the drifter with the blunt edge of his sword and faced the second killer.


Double ouch

Triple Ouch

A flashback to her youth, no wonder she's so messed up.

The samurai and the drifter continued and met with the killer number 4 Damn, if I have this many enemies I would keep a notebook and record them.

He might look old but he is super dangerous. To gain his skill, he has to kill a beautiful woman and stare at corpse until it rots. There must be better way of gaining power. And the drifter has a past encounter with him when he kidnapped the drifter's sister.

With their combined effort, the samurai and the drifter managed to defeat #4.

Next, a killer that can manipulate We are at number 5.

The samurai and the drifter broke all the zombies swords. If you were ever in a gang fight and wanted to use this trick (you need a partner), here's how its done.

Without their swords, the zombies were toast, but the killer said they cannot kill her because she is pregnant and they cannot kill an innocent child, The samurai wanted to kill her but was stoped by the drifter who cut open her stomach and saved the baby.

They gave the baby to someone later.

#6 was a sniper.

The samurai did a neat trick of cutting a bullet in half, hitting 2 minions with a single bullet.

The criminal was about to leave the prison when the samurai and the drifter arrived.

Smallest prison in the world, either they have a budget problem (don't think so with all the gore effect) or they want the campy feeling.

Erm, were there 6 or 7 killers? It is now revealed that the drifter is the 7th killer, but his motivation totally different.

Who says size does not matter, note that the drifter's sword handle is longer, therefore the sword's reach is also longer.

Even though he lost an arm, the samurai managed to deliver the fatal blow. The drifter showed that he has commited harakiri, and bandaged the would, so he would have died no matter whether he won or lost, and ask the samurai to save her sister who was kidnapped by the gang.

This guy is as good as dead.

If there is going to be a sequal, it should be called "Blind One-Armed Swordsman". That would be super cool.

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