Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bridal Fair - Queensbay 6 - 10 Oct

Today I worked until 2.00 pm cause of extra hours on Tuesday. I thought of going to Queensbay for a short while, but the short while end up until 8.00 pm =.=

There is a bridal fair at Queensbay now, so all you stalkers, erm, I mean photographers can come on Saturday cause I think they have some shows then.

There is a stage, so there should be some shows..hmmm.

There are some miniature gown samples on display.

The rest you come and have a look yourself.

View from the first floor.

Today's show is the traditional Baba Nyonya marriage.

Haven't seen this for 200 years already..ha ha. I forget the term in English.

Getting married in the old days was troublesome, first you have to carry the empty thing to the bride's house, imagine if she lived in Balik Pulau..ha ha

The wedding ceremony.

Is the bride tying up the groom or the other way around? ha ha. I will let people tie me up but not tie me down, only if they are expert in shibari/kinbaku..ha ha

With the bride inside, I was really tempted to yell "PROTECT THE EMPRESS!!!"

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