Friday, January 21, 2011

The man from nowhere.

Never mess with people who has an ex black ops operative as a neighbour. The man from nowhere is a Korean movie which is a mixture of "Man on Fire" + "Taken".

A drug deal goes bad when the drug was stolen by a dancer.
 The drug dealer were arrested but the drug was missing.

The man from nowhere, an ex black ops agent who is now living a quiet life.

His only friend is this girl, who's mother stole the drugs. She hid it in a camera and put it the the man's shop.
He shows kindness by cooking for her.

Letting her stay when the mother is high on drugs.

And pay for what stuff the kid steals from the shop.

Soon the drug dealer was released and the boss was pretty pissed about the missing drug and asked everyone to look for it.

And soon the mother was found out.

Some people were send to retrieve the camera from the pawn shop but they were taken care of.

However upon hearing the kid was captured, he handed over the camera with the drugs inside.

But they did not let the kid go.

Later he receive a call, asking him to deliver something, and then the girl and her mother would be released.
Drugs hidden under some kids toy.

But the whole thing was a set up by someone to send the rival gang boss to jail.

In the ensuring confusion, the boss tried to escape but was stopped by the man.

The boot of the car popped open after the crash revealing.
The mother of the kid was dead with all her organs harvested. The man was arrested by the police but he knows that time is running out for the kid.

 Soon he escaped by knocking out 6 policeman.

Meanwhile the kid has been given to black market organ sellers.

The police checked the man's background to find
Retired Extremely Dangerous? lol

Meanwhile the man negotiated to find out who is the black market organ supplier in town.

It led him to a club where more fighting ensures..

He was shot in the fight, but the arriaval of the police break things up and the bad guys escaped.

Injured, he went to his friend for help. It was revealed that a few years ago he stopped some top secret documents from being exposed. A killer was send to kill him, causing the death of his wife and him retiring.

Soon he recovered and got his gun back.

Meanwhile one of the hired killer takes a liking to the kid.

Meanwhile the man realised that the drugs were being transported using kids toys (he got one when he was delivering the drugs) and he waited to see who collects it.

 He managed to find the warehouse where the bad guys
Used the kids to pack drugs.
And harvest organs, even little kids.

A lot of bad guys are going to die soon.

He called the bad guys brother, to exchange him with the kid.
And blew up the place with him in it.

Meanwhile the other bad guy has ordered that the kid's eyes be taken out.

This leads to one of the most brutal and realistic fights I have ever seen. A knife fight where each stab matters, not some posturing and gesturing.
Kerambit aka Karambit, I always wanted one of these.

With most of his followers dead, the bad guy tried to escape.
Ops, one more dead.

And he will find out that bulletproof glass is not really 100% bullet proof, especially if shot at the same place many times.
Later it was revealed the kid is not dead. The eyes actually belongs to the doctor, the hitmas killed the doctor and took his eyes instead,

With a lot of police escort, he took the kid to shop and bought schooling items for her, to the shock of the storekeeper.
Who says you cannot tell a story with guns, knives and emotions..

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