Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My day - 18-1-2011

Well, I am very tired tonight, I went to town after work today to pay my bills. Used my bike and cut from left and right..he he. Going to get a new bike soon..hopefully if my bonus is BIG. If not, I can wait.

Tomorrow have to buy insurance for my bike since the current one is going to expire on Sunday. Wonderful since Thursday is a holiday, and I am super busy Friday, so have to settle it this week or I will have to drive my car for a few days. I bought that bike in 1993 and have been using it ever since. Tried a few bikes but it does not have the same feel as my bike. Although it looked banged up, it is still in good condition, I have seen newer bike stalled in the rain. Maybe I should just repaint my bike and replace all the broken cover. Hmm

I asked my bank to settle something for me, and they say they will call me once it is settled. I waited for a week for their call, but no news. After the 8th day, I cannot stand it anymore and called them, and you know what, it has been settled a long time, but no one called me. Wonderful =.=

Tonight, I was hungry and decided to eat something that is famous in Penang. Char Koay Teow. Err, there are a few spelling to this, but as long as you pronounce it correctly, they should know it.
Sorry image blur, not enough lighting, contains bean sprouts, cockles and prawns. Yum yum.

Now in the middle of the job appraisal, the new form is super complicated. If I fill in that much info and my increament is only 100, I would personally vomit blood. lol.

I know some people are waiting for my movie reviews but I'll wait for the weekends. If i rush the quality of the review will drop and I prefer quality to quantity. Pending "One-armed swordsman", "Ultraviolet", "Kamui" and maybe more movies as I plan to go DVD hunting tomorrow. Hopefully they have good Japanese movies. Am debating with myself whether I wanna review "Swordsman", "Kill Bill" and "Army of Darkness".

Tomorrow have 8am class again, but the funny thing is if I sleep earlier, I would wake up tired. Pretty weird right? If I sleep late, then I would wake up just ok.

That's all for now, hopefully I find a good story to write tomorrow or on Thursday.

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