Tuesday, February 8, 2011


OMG, another Japanese movie that I want to watch.

In the tradition of the powerful, earth shattering “Big Tits Zombie” and the ultra bloody magic-filled gore-fest “Horny House of Horror,” KLOCKWORX is proud to release a 3rd movie of this compelling genre! Sexy gore-filled action at its best!

KLOCKWORX and LEONE Presents the movie you have all been waiting for! Your beautiful everyday Princess (Mahiro Aine) and her three man-droids unfurl a story of love, erotica, betrayal, action, gore, and tears! Who can dismiss the attraction of the gory super love action!!!

[STORY] Will love prevail over sex, money, androids, and ninjas?

Tamayo is so lovable, from the time she was small she was taken care of so well by one of the most prominent families as the ultimate princess (Mahiro Aine). However, she was the love child of business tycoon and his lover but lives with him and his arranged wife’s family and granddaughter Tsukiyo (Maria Ozawa). Tsukiyo is bored with her life and hates the way her grandfather always dotes on Tamayo with affection. On the other hand, Tamayo, lives her life in simple elegance. Her overprotective crimelord father, in order to protect her from outside danger, has given her 3 android bodyguards. The first android (Android 0.1) Suketomo can master any skill and is very good looking, number 2 Suketake (Android 0.2) has beastlike strength, and number 3 Sukekiyo (Android 0.3) is a total fuckup who can’t get anything right. Together, the three androids help detect danger and protect Tsukiyo in the daytime, and sometime engage in “bedroom protection” as well… Life is good. Until one day Tamayo’s father is hospitalized for a stroke and his computer is hacked and his will is found! Inside his will it says that he is leaving his immense fortune solely to Tamayo! When Tsukiyo discovers this she shakes with rage and plots to regain her inheritance!!! Can she distract the 3 Androids long enough to exact her plan?! Who will the Androids love in the end?! Which Android will win Tamayo’s love??!! Love, tears, and laughs at a comfortable tempo tell a fascinating story that will leave viewers satisfied with their choice in erotic SF Fantasy.

Who cares, it has Maria Ozawa!!!!!!

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