Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mini review - Thriller, a cruel picture

This would have been a complete review, if not for the part I am missing the ending of the movie. I have to get the movie again, then only can make a complete review.

This is a cult movie that is very famous, even Quentin Tarantino pay homage to the main character in Kill Bill, as Daryl Hannah plays the part of Elle Driver, the killer with one eye.

This movie is also known as "They call her one eye".
This is a "bootleg" version, that's why extra things are added to the screen. I'll try to get a better version soon, but it will take some time.
Starring the famous Christina Lindberg, my version of the film is totally in Swedish, but I have developed an uncanny ability to understand after watching so many Japanese and Korean movie with bad subtitles.
As a child, she was sexually abused by an old man at the park, which left her traumatized and unable to speak.
One day, on the way to town, she met a man who drugged her, made her addicted to heroin and forced her into prostitution.
She attacked her first customer, so the pimp took out one of her eyes.

While working, she saves the money that she got.

With the money they she got, she learned
Martial Arts
Military fighting
 Soon, armed with a sawn off shotgun, she sets her sight on the people that have wronged her.
Damn cool movie.

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