Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bikini Girls on Ice.

Brrr, watching this movie makes me very cold. Its a slasher movie wannabe but shy away from the stuff that makes slasher movie good. A slasher movie without boobs is like watching Rambo with no guns =.=

The premise is simple enough, a group of girls in bikinis set up a bikini car wash in front of an abandoned gas station. What they do not know is there is a serial killer called Moe who stalks the place. Moe? Surely you can come up with a better, moe, girl, otaku. Sigh.

Bikini girl
moe, moe,

 Bikini girl on I noe how the got the (Sorry, pun intended)

Some of the girls in bikini.
With girls this hot, I bet you were hoping for some gruesome death scenes, tops ripped off, eyes gorged out, disembowelment or some nude scenes death....

Sorry to disappoint you, moe moe killing method involves surprising someone from the back and pushing to the ground, where he will bash the ground to death using a shovel. =.=

Budget for the blood FX < $200. I bet.

Budget for gore FX < $100. They should at least get Tom Savini to do the effects.

Numbers of topless boobs required to save this movie - at least 20. Number of boobs shown - 1 and that's not even a clear shot. 

Recommended only for trainee slasher movie fan.

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