Monday, February 28, 2011


As I told you all, I got a job offer in Brunei but the pay is quite low. So today I decided to reject the offer. The company tried to persuade me by telling that the living cost in Brunei is low. Actually if you were really interested in me, why not offer the pay a bit higher. Then I might consider again.

As I was passing by a table, I saw this written on it.
To be sarcastic, I would like to say sin number 11 is Work with Bonus...

And this report really pissed me off. Never never never ever ever ever be a lecturer. And I dare say I am pretty good in Java. Is my annual salary over 85K, wahahahaha. Dream on.

I would like to say that we will only be famous if we do this sort of thing.
I never get it when the teachers that do wrong are just transferred to another school so they can do it again at another school.

My advise, if you feel burned out, just walk away. There are things worse than death.

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