Saturday, February 12, 2011

Much ado about Valentine.

 What a mess...First of all, I don't celebrate Valentine but I feel I have to speak up because this is becoming a mess and people are laughing at us everywhere.

The main problem with the Religious authority here is they think that everyone are children and can be scared into submission. This is the religious teaching style of the 1930s where the teacher is always right, and don't question why, I know better. They are trying to use the religious factor to scare people into not doing something. I have no problem with the statement "Valentine day might promote vice", but to say it has "Christian elements", can the wise people tell me WHICH Christian element is included. I am willing to accept if that is proven and not heresay.

Second, I OPPOSE "moral police", no matter how noble their intentions are because it might lead to abuse. I think most of us know about the Inquisitors. No, no moral police, this is Malaysia, not ......, not ........... (Fill in the blanks yourself). Let the person that has no sin cast the first stone.

Third, these people need to learn to communicate better if they want people to respect them and listen to them. There are multiple fallacies in their statement.

DPM's statement- 
"It is to inform Muslims that the celebrations are not suitable for them, which does not mean that we want to demean Valentine's Day or disrespect other communities," the Deputy Prime Minister told reporters here.

Jakim's statement-
"That is why a fatwa (edict) was issued to prevent and advise Muslims not to celebrate Valentine's Day because in reality, as well as historically, the celebration of Valentine's Day is synonymous with vice activities," he said.

I'm blur.

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