Friday, February 11, 2011

Today - 11-2-2011

I was supposed to do a review of "Nude nuns with big guns" but when I went to the shop, they were out of stock. Oh no, now I have to wait a few days to get it and make a review. Note to self, next time when I see a dvd that I think I might like, just buy it first.

On a side note, I did buy a dvd, but I am not really in a mood to make a review tonight, since its a different story. I will make a review when I have the mood later.

Caps from the movie "Abashiri Ikka".

I am considering getting a new bike cause renewing the insurance for the old one can be a pain in the ass. News has it that Honda will bring the model CBR250 to Malaysia middle of this year. I think this bike is worth considering right?. And it even has ABS.

Or maybe I should go old school and get an Enfield Bullet, but need to get another bike license first which will cost around RM500.
Well, that depends on the amount of bonus that I will get in April, if any. By the way, I still remember what I intend to do this year, and I am going to do it when the time is right. What I hate most are people who keep asking me if I have found a new job, I personally think the person wants to change job more, but don't have the guts to do it. For me, I am looking for something different this time, if I want to change job and still teach, I might as well go KDU =.=

Tomorrow I plan to go Gurney, to Coffee Beans in the morning, then maybe a few practice round of Tekken and look at a shop that sells knife to see if there are any nice knife. And maybe buy a new shirt, one of my shirts was torn while in the washing machine. Maybe too old already.
Esprit shirt, this can be considered..ha ha

In anticipation of Erotibot, I did a google search but only found mostly Maria Ozawa pictures which I cannot post here. Anyone, here's one that's legal. Ha ha.

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