Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Alien Vs Ninja

I thought I wanted to take a break, but as I pass by the shop, I saw this movie, which I have waited for a very long time. There goes my break for this evening. The movie I am talking about is Alien Vs Ninja.

Yamata is a ninja back from a secret mission when he saw a fireball fall from the sky.

 Rin and another group of ninja coming back to their base also saw the fireball.
Yamata and Jinnai.
Ninja village. What's up with those two statues. Ninja village is supposed to be hidden and not have big glaring sign.
The master asked them to investigate the fireball, joining forces with Rin and the other group on ninja.
I wonder is her breast plate custom made.

They found a terrified villager but before they can ask what happened, they were attacked by something unknown.
The alien killed most of the ninja, and the surviving ninja flee.

The alien is like the US alien.
Baby alien.

The villager told the ninja that the alien killed all the villagers, so they set up a trap to kill the alien.
This reminds me of Predator movie.

Never sleep while on guard
Then they wait for the alien
Bait, while the other hide and wait.

One alien attacked and was hit by the trap.
But there's more than one alien, and soon a fight ensures.
The alien looks a bit like Godzilla?
Some alien were killed and some ninja were killed.
Wakata chases the boss alien while Rin fights an echii alien.
I'm having the same thought as the alien
It turned into a boxing match.
And finally the tail attack.
 Rin managed to beat the alien with the help of Jinnai.
That is going to

Meanwhile the boss alien that was chased by Wakata knocked them down and escaped capturing Jinnai.

Wakata, Rin and the villager decided to go after the alien, while one ninja who is afraid to fight, wanted to go back and warned the ninja village, only to find that the whole village was killed by the alien.
Wakata, Rin and the villager found the hut where the alien is keeping Jinnai and the other ninjas.
The ninja that went back to the village tried to escape but was killed by the boss alien.
All the ninja captured by the alien was under his control and attacked Wakata and Rin.
Then Wakata realized there were baby alien inside all the ninja's mouth.
Which leads to a very funny scene.
Baby alien ,complete with "tail". lol

They managed to save Jinnai but the villager was captured by the boss alien. Wakata gives chase to the alien inside a cave.
.Luke, I am your

The alien suddenly grew wings to flee but Wakata hanged on, poked some explosive on the alien and blew him up.
 In the end, only Wakata, Jinnai, Rin and the villager survived the alien attack.
But the villager has a secret, he is keeping one baby alien inside his bag.

A fun movie to watch. If you liked my review, click on some of the ads, so I can get a bit of money to finance more movie reviews. Thanks.

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