Friday, February 25, 2011

Random stuff in my life

Well, I guess sometimes I want to write about my life too, cause sometimes my life is stranger than the movies.

Nowadays I feel like eating out cause the food at the cafe for lunch is SUPER expensive. If you take the stupid chicken, it will end up more that RM5. That day one student in front of me paid RM8 for lunch. Might as well eat at a nasi kandar stall, it might be cheaper. So now I always go to Sunshine market, want to recommend you one stall where the food is cheap yet nice.

Today at the college, the students did a charity drive washing cars. Oh boy, they are gonna feel it tomorrow because car washing is a very tiring job.

Tomorrow I want to go watch Drive Angry, but since they say its heavily censored, should I wait for the DVD instead?

Now I am into this knife, but its very hard to find here in Malaysia.

Actually I saw a lot of online sites selling knives, even in Malaysia, but I am reluctant to buy second hand knife. First, it might be fake and you will be crying if you pay RM300, only to find that the Spyderco that you ordered was a fake one. Second, you don't know where the knife have been in.

Honestly I was kind of interested in this. Should I get it?

My last movie review was Alien Vs Ninja. Actually I just found out that there are a few more movies in that genre.
and another one.
It will be interesting if I was able to get these movies

Anyway, have a nice weekend.


Javin said...

INTI cafeteria sucks the blood out of students. Seriously a fornicated up place for food. Even in Nottingham Malaysia Campus, the food is still cheaper than the crap sold there.

Anyway, please wait for the DVD, the movie is so heavily censored that scenes disappears from the movie.

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