Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nude Nuns With Big Guns

Finally I managed to get my claw on this movie. It has a Taranto-ish feeling, but somehow I feel its lacking something. Not that I am saying this is not a fun movie to watch.

First of all, if my friend was still alive, he would be jumping up and down saying blasphemy. God rest his soul. But me, I don't take things too seriously.
The church is involved in the drug business with a bike gang.
Why must they work in the nude? I added the mosaic layer, don't want to get struck by lightning.

On the latest deal, one pack of drug was missing, it was found but the priest give one the nuns away for the trouble.
 She was taken to this place.
This reminds me of "The Titty Twister". Who knows from which film is that? Its "From Dusk to Dawn".
Injected with drugs.
And abused by a customer. At this point you all should write a thank you note to XnView software for its mosaic layer abilities, otherwise you would have seen some shrunken oranges. I'll be having nightmares for two weeks now.
 She has a "revelation from God" asking her to kill all the bad guys. I think its the drug.

And what does one of the sympathetic bad guy do when she told him this, he gave her a big gun, actually two guns.
Duh, I am not a genius, but if ever one day I met a pissed off girl saying I will kill every men that I see, I won't go like, say, you wanna see my knife collection, no sir ee.
See, he deserved to be shot for being stupid.

One year later, a drug lab owned by the church was attacked.
Why do nuns work in the nude. This reminds me of a joke. One day, it was extremely hot and three nuns decided to strip in the monastery. Suddenly there was a knock on the door, the nuns panicked and ask "Who is that?". The answer came "Blind man". The nun thought, since he is blind, never mind, we don't have to get dresses. They opened the door and a man came in and said "Where do you want these blinds hanged, and by the way, nice tits". 

Ahem, back to the story.
She killed the priest and all the bodyguard guarding the lab.

The church asked the motorcycle gang to find who is killing all their people.

After killing two more priests, Sister Sarah was injured and had to take refuge at an inn. This inn has connections with the biker gang.
 Doing Rambo with a spoon.

Meanwhile the biker gang has found out that a nun is doing the shooting, which resulted in another nun being send to the Titty Flicker.
What am I gonna do with all the nuns?

The gang has found out Sister Sarah is at the inn and asked the owner to capture her, but she escaped using a very unique method.
With the biker gang at the Titty Flicker, its time for the final showdown.
She's using a top-break revolver, there's only a few models of those.
A stop by the church first.
Actually I was wondering because all the girls looked like they don't have enough to eat.
She has a Tommy Gun too.
Ouch, this brings a new dimension to the word go screw yourself.

The story ends with the church hiring a Mormon killer to stop her.
Not bad, but could have been better.

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