Sunday, February 13, 2011

Random thoughts on a Sunday - 13-2-2011

I sworn long ago that I will not really get involved in religious issues but it seems that there are always issues that came up and handled in a "not so good" way by the religious authorities. It does not matter whether your religion is the best, but if the follower showed bad example, no one will respect you.

I was walking in a bookstore when I saw this.
I don't know whether to laugh or to cry, but I am more inclined to cry. Islam is a universal religion and not a Malay religion only as was written above. If people thought that Islam is a Malay only religion, I would say that that is a failure of the religious authorities to shed light and give correct information about Islam. I still remember in the old days, when people wants to convert to Islam, there was a term "masuk Melayu" or become a Malay, I guess this is why a lot of people are worried since they might have to lose their identity or race to become a Muslim. Actually you don't have to forsake your identity to become a Muslim. 

I bet for a non Muslim, lets say you are a Buddhist, if you say you want to convert to Christian, the opposition will not be as strong compared to if you say you want to convert to Islam. I believe one of the reason is the one I mentioned above.

Enough of this serious stuff, I don't want to say anything anymore.

I went for a walk by the Queensbay seaside facing Pulau Jerjak this evening. The weather was fine and a lot of people were playing kites.

After that I went to buy some facial wash cause I have ran out of mine. So if you need a facial wash, I would like to recommend this, it cools your face and makes your skin feel tight.

Till next time, Happy Valentine to those who celebrate it.

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