Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Abashiri Ikka

The Abashiri family is a comic that has been made into cartoons and now live movie. Myself, I prefer the cartoon cause the live movie does not really capture the essence of the comic.

The Abashiri family is a crime family in Japan, specilizing in robbing banks and other crimes.
 This is the comic that most of us fondly remember.
Especially Kikunosuke who always lose her clothes when fighting. Sadly the live movie has non of that..boo.

The Abashiri family consists of Abashiri Daemon, the father, Goemon, the first son who is a pervert, Naojiro, the second son who is a cyborg, Kichiza, the youngest son who is an explosive expert and Kikunosuke the daughter.

The live casts, I feel no one can act as Daemon, since in the comic, he is very short, yet very powerful.

Ok, the story in one paragraph. Actually the movie is quite short, around 109 minutes. The Abashiri family has been captured and had chips embedded in their heads, causing pain when they resort to violence. This is an experiment to control criminals everywhere. But the jailer went too far, causing the chip to malfunction and the Abashiri family defeated their jailers and escaped.
Goemon, who's skill include stealing girl's bra while fighting.
Naojiro the cyborg.
Not sure whether they want to make this into a weekly series though.

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