Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Saturday - 26-2-2011

Today I went to Gurney with the intention of buying some new clothes, but at the end of the day, still no new clothes. I can't seem to find the clothes that I like, someone told me I should dress differently since I always wear black shirt and pants. Erm, I can't seem to find the suitable different for me, unless you want me to wear skinny pants.

Actually the shirt that you wear is very important. It conveys an unspoken message to the people that see you. For example, this picture below is President Bush visiting the Katrina storm victim.
Why did he fold his shirt's sleeve. It gives an impression that he is doing some heavy work, because usually people will fold their sleeve when they do some heavy work. He will look very ackward if he wore coat during that occation.

Enough of fashion. Maybe tomorrow I try some new style. Ha ha.

Today I tried two new characters in Tekken 6. Lars and Dragunov. Presonally I prefer Lars because his movement is smoother than Dragunov. Maybe I should practice using Lars more.

In the evening, there was a Korean costume competition for kids. Why Korean? Beats me, maybe cause there is a Korean food fair at the main area.

Later I decided to eat at Nando's. Haven't eaten there for quite some times. I miss those people who eat at Nando's with me. Perhaps its time for a reunion.
I miss you all.

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