Saturday, March 19, 2011

At TGI Friday on a Saturday..

This is like the second time I am at TGI Friday within these two And the guy that serve as the waiter is the guy that brought Kelvin's sundae last week. Wow, how's that for Deja Vu.

As you all might know, Amy just came back from Japan last Tuesday If it was two weeks ago, I would not have dreamt that she was back so fast, but the earthquake and radiation leakage in Japan changed everything.

Actually I planned to meet her on Saturday, but she messaged me on Wednesday, so I met her then. Now is the second time that I meet her after she come back. Since we had the farewell at TGI, so the reunion should be held at TGI also.

 She asked me to only upload the picture tonight because she told her friends that she cut her long hair..ha ha.

She ordered chicken with rice and cheese and I ordered chicken with mushroom and pepper. Both are awesome meals.

Actually I am glad that she is back cause she is one of the few people that I think can communicate with me cause we have the same frequency. And usually I walk alone...Sorry a bit emo, I think its either the weather (its raining) or its the super moon.

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Javin said...

Wow, I have shadowless hand...