Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Battle Girl - The living dead in Tokyo Bay

Groan, stay away from this movie unless you are hardcore like me, or you might suffer permanent brain damage.
The title got to me, I can't resist any movie that contains the word "Lady Ninja", "School Girl" or "Living Dead". Which got the best of me this time.

A meteor has just fallen on Tokyo and the military has cordoned off the area. The chemical reaction made any humans infected to become zombie when they die.

The leader of the military unit, we know he is evil cause he wears sunglasses at night.

This is the only zombie effect that they can afford.
In the middle of the chaos, K-Ko, I am very sure this is a translation error. K-Ko is the daughter of a Colonel and is communicating with the outside world using her Ipad. Not really, this is actually an old movie.
 Ipad classic??
She managed to reach a secret base.
I also have a knife collection like that in case of a zombie outbreak.
She also got a battle suit.

Now she must battle zombies, the evil general plus the elimination squad to save Tokyo.

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