Monday, March 14, 2011


I am kind of depressed on what has happened these few days. Earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan and then this nuclear reactor explosion. Hopefully things will turn out ok. Amy will be attempting to leave Japan tomorrow morning, I pray that her journey to the airport is smooth, that's all I can say.

As the situation is bleak, I would like to introduce you with a bleak and controversial movie, Kite.

Kite (カイト, Kaito), also known as A Kite, is a highly controversial Japanese anime OVA written and directed by Yasuomi Umetsu.

Kite revolves around a schoolgirl named Sawa (さわ) who is orphaned in her early teens. Her parents are the victims of a gory double murder. The detectives investigating the crime, Akai あかい ("red") and Kanie, take her in as guardians. Akai begins a sexual relationship with Sawa, forcing her to become his sex slave for the duration of his guardianship. 

Sawa becomes an assassin after the corrupt detectives make her kill an alleged rapist of young girls. Subsequently over the years, she kills whoever she is ordered to, including corrupt police officers and corporate fat cats. Sawa's assassinations are famous among the police for her use of special bullets that explode inside the body after piercing the skin.

After several missions and double crosses she finally killed Akai and Kanie. The movie ends with another assassin approaching her and the the screen fade to black.

For a long time I thought that she was killed by the assassin, but according to the sequal of Kite, Kite: Liberator (カイト リベレイタ, Kaito Ribereita), it was implied that she survived the attempt.

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