Sunday, March 27, 2011

Friday, Saturday, Sunday


Some of the students were super busy doing log book for a subject. The "fun" thing is the University is considered "old school" that you have to do the log book by hand writing and not a computer. Some more have to write a lot. I wonder whether the lecturer really have time to read it all. In a "real" University, its not the lecturer that read and mark all these bloody thing, but they have assistants and tutors to do it, but here we "wannabe" University, its the lecturer that dies reading all this bloody things.Even Wawasan Open University, they have something called "Tutor Marked Assignments" where the tutor gives the marks to 3 assignments.
Super busy from morning until evening.
Only pack McD breakfast to last the whole day.
Want to eat also no time.

It rained heavily the whole Saturday until I have to drive my car to Queensbay. Usually I am lazy to drive my car but when forced, I drove up to the 7th floor parking. One thing I hate about driving is parking cause there is always an idiot tha will park illegally and you have to come out super careful so not to scrape the other car. At least my car is not too big because I saw one Toyota Alphard trying to go out after being blocked by another car.

I wonder why some people are so proud to be highly educated but are brainless and disregard the law  or rules when it comes to this. Its like some people that I see buy at Subway and just sit casually at KFC and eat there. Using face English accent, let me tell you I hate fake English accent cause I learned the real English accent at my University. If I speak using that style, non of you will understand me. Or like the person in front of me today, carry 200 items on a 6 items lane. Can't he count?
Rainy days

I guess the weather was trying to make up its mind today, whether its going to be sunny or rainy cause first it was sunny, then suddenly rain and then sunny again. Finally around 10, it decided to be sunny.

I am off to Gurney today, but there is a big jam on the way there. I don't get why its always jam after the rain here?

Had my breakfast/lunch at A&W. At least their A&W extra long coney dog is a bit longer than the one I ate last week.
Two people's birthdays are coming up in April, and this year, I decided to get teddy bears. Gasps, shock. Don't worry, its still the original me here, only I ran out of ideas on what to get them. Who knows selecting teddy bear can be so complicated, I have been to the shop for two weeks and still cannot make up my mind. There's Russ, Lovely Lace and many more. The story of the hunt for the teddy bear is a notable post by itself, which will be posted after the persons of interest gets the bears.

I can be an annoying person sometimes, and I do annoy a certain person a lot. So today I decided to get some "Peace Offering", plus its a belated birthday present, I think.
See you all next week. Till then, have a nice day.

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Javin said...

I think I can recognise who those people writing their logbooks are...