Sunday, March 6, 2011

Depressed on Sunday

I think too much and too deep. A simple walk can cause me to think and see sight beyond sight. That is the problem with me,

I went to Gurney this morning, and it seems that there is another car show here too. There's one in Queensbay that I mentioned yesterday.

Some of the cars on sale.
Porsche and Audi, both of them have POA - Price on application, so I am sure its at least 1 million.
Aston Martin

Some of the "cheaper" cars.

I see some people buying these cars. makes you wonder how they work to be able to afford this car. If you say they work hard, not really cause I see even the street sweeper work hard, but they are not rich. Businessman? Not all businessman are successful, I know someone who just cheat other people in order for the business to survive. He even cheated some of my money but that's another story.
Sometimes I wonder whether my qualifications and skills are really appreciated. I have a Masters and almost died getting ot, but I see some people with Degree gets higher pay then me. Ask me to do Phd? Ha, so you can pay me extra 300 is it?

Actually I am not jealous of people with big cars, I also have a car, but what makes me wonder is how they work until they earn that much.

Anyway, its not my style to drive around town in a Ferrari, but I will be proud to own one of these.

In the new wing of Gurney, you can queue up to take a free picture with the UEFA cup trophy. Me, I was busy taking pictures of something else..he he
On the outside, some people were playing with pocket bikes, I wonder how much one costs.

Going back to work tomorrow, hopefully I have some movie to review for you all next week.

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