Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Usually I like to eat lunch alone or with students. I don't really like to eat with other staff cause they tend to gossip and those gossip usually makes me depressed or upset.

But today, someone joined me for lunch. Latest news, all our evaluation marks have been downgraded. Wtf, the calculation is based on the criteria set by the top management and when we fulfill all the criteria, they say our boss is too generous in giving the marks. If you don't have money to pay our bonuses, just say so, do not give excuses. I am getting more and more disgusted. And I heard a lot of head at Subang Jaya have stepped down. 

Someone was commented that the salary scale is like the mushroom, the top get very high salary, like 80K per month, but for us, even giving bonus like don't want to give. I hope people remember its the stem that is holding the mushroom head.

I don't like to gossip cause I firmly believe action is stronger than word. Amy will start looking for a job in April, maybe I should join her in finding a new job..ha ha.

I am considering to get some new clothes for the season. Shoes, there is a new shoe shop at Queensbay called Pedro. Their design is not bad.
Nice right?

or this one

Then wear a brown pants and white shirt like this...
Thinking of changing my style to like this.

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