Friday, March 11, 2011

A complicated birthday celebration

From last week, some of my students were preparing to celebrate Kelvin's birthday (belated). They came up with a story that someone was leaving for Australia to get him back to Penang.
 Birthday card.
It was supposed to start at 8.30pm tonight at TGI Fridays. It was raining in the evening, but I don't feel like driving my car, so I braved the rain on my bike. I arrived around 8.20 but there was no one there yet, so I decided to walk around Queensbay first. It seems Onitsuka shoes has a 10% discount now, but I don't have the luxury to shop tonight because of the event.

At around 8.50pm, I saw Jonathan waiting in front at TGI, but Kelvin was still at the Jetty waiting for the ferry to come over to Penang.

Finally around 9 something, everyone was there except the birthday boy.
 Oh no, he is going to be a bit late. I was wondering why he is still at the Jetty.
The drawing on the wall is quite nice.
 So we decided to order food first.
Had some burger
Never tried this yet, one day I want to try it.

Finally Kelvin arrived.

 A special Thank You to Yamuna for organizing the event.

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Javin said...

I actually told some white lies lol. I told where I was going to be instead of where I was.