Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gothic & Lolita Psycho review

First of all, lets appreciate what Japanese movie that we still have. With the earthquake, tsunami and radiation leakage, maybe it will be a long time before we get any new movie from Japan. Lets say a prayer for them and donate if we are able to.
The story starts on 20XX, Tokyo. At a bar managed by a Yakuza girl, the guard is eating noodles. Inside the bar, a lot of fetishes were going on.
 A cool looking balisong.
Suddenly a Gothic girl, Yuki appeared with an umbrella that doubles as a spear.
Inside, one gambler angered the Yakuza girl and literally lost his head.
 Then the guard appeared, he should not have eaten too much noodles.
 Yuki was looking for the Yakuza girl, one of the 5 persons that killed her mother and crippled her father.
Yuki dispatched all the Yakuza girl's minion and killed her.
She is cute..
Cool pose. I want one umbrella like that.
Someone just lost her head.

Yuki's father is a priest who was crippled when 5 killers attacked his house and killed his wife.
Happier times.
 Until 5 killers attacked their house.

Killer number 2 now works as a teacher. Never make your teacher or lecturer angry, who knows he might be an ex serial killer or something in that line. Especially if he is skilled in using a knife and get high score in shooting games at the arcade.
Showing his spoon bending skill.
Ops, wrong power.

And soon Yuki confronts him.
His power is very annoying. He can float around here and there.
Until Yuki figured out, if he cannot cross his leg, he cannot float.
Tried the same trick but it did not work, I think Gothic panties are
I love it how the hero/heroin in any movie slash the enemy, turn his/her back and then only the blood comes out.
 Next, some thugs were beating up a man when Yuki appeared.
Power Ranger thugs?
Not so tough.
Actually Yuki was looking for the man being beaten up, the key master.
He tried to beg for mercy but did not get any.
After killing the man, Yuki was ambushed by killer number 4, a girl with a pair of gun(blade).
Yuki was injured but she managed to escape.
Yuki and her dad was attacked again but this time she was ready.
She got a bullet-proof umbrella.
That doubles as a gun.
Mexican standoff. The shootout is like John Woo movies.
Answering the phone is not only dangerous during driving, but in shootouts too.
See, this is what will happen.
Its time to confront the boss.
But the boss has kidnapped Yuki's father and set a trap so Yuki have to hold a rope, otherwise her father will be decapitated. In American movie, the hero would be able to do that so is if it is a Hindi movie.
But this is a Japanese movie.
With the death of her father, her powers increased and she turned into some sort of demon (Devil-Yuki? )
The boss showed his long arm attack which worked for a while.
Until Devil-Yuki captured the arm and rip it off.
The appearance of Yuki's father and mother spirit changed her back to human.
Now she fight the rest of the cult I guess..
A nice movie indeed.


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