Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday again 5-3-2011

I was supposed to go back to my hometown today, but I injured my hand yesterday and did not want my dad to worry, so I decided to go back next weekend.

Early morning, I woke up and fill in petrol for my car, before the price goes up again. Fill in air for the tyres too and now the steering wheel feels lighter. Actually I must admit I do enjoy driving a car, if not for the parking problem and high cost of petrol.

Put back my car in my parking lot and off to get my bike. I need to change the oil and spark plug on my bike, so off to the mechanic. Actually I know this mechanic since my study days in USM in 1994.

Now I want to introduce a nice place to eat near my mechanic shop. They sell great Malay food but I have to warn you of the long queue if you go around 12pm on work days.
Had some rice with tapioca shoot (I bet none of you know how to eat that) and pumpkin, fried chicken plus sambal belacan plus drinks for RM5.80. Cheaper than when I eat at college.

After lunch, I went to Queensbay cause there is supposed to be a supercar group displaying their cars there today.
The cars just arrived and was parking at the entrance.

Some of the cars on display.
 Everybody wants to take pictures with this car. Not me, cause I am realistic and knows that I will never have one unless suddenly the Government buys my land for 1 million.
I like this car. Its not Ferrari.
This is super small and super low.

Inside there was a car show. One car attracted my attention and maybe, just maybe I can buy it if I work extra extra extra hard. Well, you must have a target in life right?
Someone commented it looks like Satria Neo. Wtf, its bigger than Neo and has enough head space. I should know, I almost bought a Neo but was turned off by the small head space.

After that I stopped by Bukit Jambul complex cause they have "Battle of the Bands" competition. Aah, reminds me of the roaring 80s and the head banging scenes. Kids nowadays, never never ever mess with the old school, you don't know what we did those

I am in the process of getting a new bike. These two are nice but its super expensive.
This Suzuki bike is over RM80K.

Yamaha R1, 100K over.

Wow, I think I'll stick with a Honda CBR.

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