Thursday, March 10, 2011

Latest project - Makai Tensho

I always wanted to see this movie, I even bought the remake of this movie in the year 2003, but nothing beats the original, the movie made in the year 1981.

Before you get all excited, this project will take at least 2 week to complete due to my crappy line, so there is a very high chance that you will see the review of "Nun of that", or Makai Tensho 2003. Unless someone wants to help me with their ultra fast line.

Synopsis of Makai Tensho.
Following the massacre of many thousands of Christians by soldiers of the Tokugawa Empire after the Shimabara Rebellion, Shiro Amakusa renounces the God who he feels abandoned them, and bargains his soul to the forces of darkness for the power to take his revenge.

He enlist the help of a few characters including an aging Miyamoto Musashi in exchange for his age because he wants to challenge the one rival he considered worthy to test his technique.

Standing in their way is Jubei Yagyu..
 Sonny Chiba as Jubei Yagyu.

I will try to get the movie as soon as possible.

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